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Laser-Resolution Technologies (LR Tech) was founded in 2010, accomplished restructuring of major assets and reforming of the administration by Q3 of 2015.  Collaborated and supported through American and European well-known multinational corporations and the new administration team comprises of experienced elite from multinational corporation.  Based on ultrafast laser applications and laser micromachining, we becomes a professional supplier of optoelectronic system solutions.  Its LR Optoelectronic Equipment (Shanghai) Ltd. concentrates on laser applications, especially ultrafast laser applications for micromachining of semiconductor, fiber, green energy and biomedical system and sub-system and other related applications.

Solution ONE: Instrument distribution

Distribution, reselling, technical support and import business of world leading advanced laser, optoelectronic technique and related instrument. Our products involve physics, chemistry, material, life science, THz, environmental protection, industrial laser measurement and fine micromachining etc. which can be applied widely to scientific research and industrial processing.

LR Tech distributes, Thorlabs, Menlo, KMlabs, Edgewave and Zurich Instrument etc., meanwhile, our R & D team is developing new products. Our sales and service team owns over 10 years experience. And our company’s quintessence is “Providing professional optoelectronic solution for all of our clients”.

LR Tech acquires excellent reputation from customers through its practical and realistic attitude.  We are offering our best service to the labs of national wide universities and institutes, R & D and manufacturing department of industrial customer by taking advantage of our expertise and creativeness.  We dedicate ourselves to Chinese scientific research and industrial applications.

Solution TWO: Laser system and sub-system

Solution for semiconductor, micromachining for fiber material, green energy, laser and optoelectronic integration for biomedical science.  LR Tech integrates high precision (less than 1um) motion control and high quality laser to work out solution of ultrafast laser micromachining for most common semiconductor materials.

Solution Three: Service support for American and European laser

LR Tech maintains and repairs lasers imported to China, including scientific and industrial ultrafast, nanosecond and CW lasers.  Our engineers provide professional diagnosis via internet or telephone at first. And if it doesn’t work out, our engineers collect enough information and prepare laser parts and then we will have more confidence to fix up the laser by one trip field service to save the down time.  We always keep the most common repair parts and consumption parts in our inventory.